Changemaker Family of Blogs

Welcome to Changemaker: Change Your Life family of blogs. Changemaker is committed to the basic belief that each person has the opportunity for self-discovery and the potential for self-healing. As individuals, we sometimes choose paths that may be harmful to us. To get off that path and onto a new road takes exploration and experimentation.

The Changemaker Test offers education for self-discovery as we believe that the change within a person involves the courage to see (insight) and the courage to act (action). The test will teach anyone 10 or more labels about themselves. Therefore, by using the labels to change themselves, the changemaker is the person who decides to learn and make the change happen.

In advocating the self-discovery model for understanding ourselves and others, Changemaker believes that the Changemaker Test can be used to help groups of persons interested in learning about themselves.

Healing begins when, in spite of all the negative self-talk going on inside a person, that person feels someone caring and loving them for no apparent reason. This unconditional love comes in spite of attempts to search for a motive.

The Changemaker Family of Blogs will include 30 password-protected blogs that each includes one of the basic topics from our main site, Changemaker: Change Your Life.

Some of the topics we’ve chosen are:

1) Change Your Life—Mental Changes lead to Less Stress

2) Changemaker Online—Large Blog of Changemaker Basics

3) Changemaker Groups—Help Others with Self-Discovery

4) Find Your Passion—Do You Have a Life Mission?

5) High Energy Life Plan—Do You Need More Energy?

6) New You—Living A Balanced Life

7) Personality Base—A Personality Sampler

8) Spiritual Base—Coming Home to God

9) Stress Free Books—Recommended Books for Stress Relief

10) Twelve Steps—Recovery is a Return to Sanity


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