My Heart's Desire

Knowing what I want to help happen in the world makes my daily posts easier and more fun. My agenda is to help others to help others. Specifically, I believe that each person has a core of goodness from birth. I also believe that this core contains our creativity which is the source of our joy. Thirdly, I believe helping anyone find this creativity is the answer for awakening others to the beauty of himself/herself.

My inspiration for the Changemaker blogs has come from having read many books over 50 years. What I’ve realized about our life today is that we have become accustomed to “sound bites”. To me this means that we can benefit from short directives instead of trying to absorb all the information in a book.

While I was researching for the Changemaker products, I found hundreds of books which were each filled with good direction. The problem is that we have less and less time to devote to even our own improvement. So I knew that short, to-the-point, easy-to-reference health information of all types would be a time-saver and motivator to even the busiest person.

My main complaint about ebooks is that I still have to manually enter the websites that are generally recommended in the ebook. For this purpose, I have taken all the information in the Changemaker ebook and put it on another blog, Changemaker Online, which is for sale at the same price as the ebook, $29.00. The new blog allows me to put all the extensive links in the ebook in an interactive format for quick use of the links.

You can buy either the ebook for a hard copy of all the information. Or you can buy a password-protected blog which has the same information as the ebook but is immediately interactive. You can buy either one of these or other new blogs coming soon through Pay Pal (an Ebay company) or the Google Checkout. You don’t have to belong to Pay Pal to use it.

Email me with any questions at


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